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For procedures to work and processes to function effectively, they have to be absorbed and understood.

Lives often depend on successful training programs. Corporate Films has produced numerous training packages that are designed to protect life and property, enhance business and technical processes and help our clients conform to rigorous standards and regulations.

Training and orientation programs require a highly-focussed team of creative experts in order to be effective - writers, curriculum designers, educators and IT specialists, to name a few.

Our experience in the production of important, compelling and award-winning educational programs should make Corporate Films your first point of contact when you need to design and create training materials across all media - print, video, web or combinations of the three.

Many educational and training programs fail because they are 'all style and no substance'. Others don't hit the mark because they are dull and don't engage their audiences. There is a fine line between engagement, entertainment and information.

We employ a mix of styles - realistic, dramatic, comedic, emotional, didactic, eccentric and strictly procedural - but we only choose a style that we know, from experience, best fits your training needs. Some programs we produce are designed to be stand-alone, others are components of facilitated learning programs.

For example, training videos which involve role plays (using actors in client roles and real staff playing themselves) provide an immersive, convincing experience that succinctly depicts issues and situations which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to replicate in a lecture room.

All our programs comply with the very latest legislation concerning occupational health and safety, risk management and training principles.

Our experts can consult with you in the planning stage of your next training project and recommend a style and medium that will engage and inform your audience. In other words, one that will do what it's supposed to do: educate and train.

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